• A pastoral view of our avocado orchard. Chandra, our mixed-breed mascot, is making sure there are no avocados left on the ground...Learn More
  • Our happy honeybees pollinating our coffee flowers. Coffee only blooms for a few short days, so it's critical that the bees are there when the blossoms are ready. Learn More
  • Dragonfruit in bloom This enormous flower is on a Dragonfruit plant. Dragonfruit is a type of cactus, and the flowers bloom at night. Learn More
  • Garden in the greenhouse Aquaponicly grown lettuce, tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatos are just a few of the many delicious things growing in our greenhouse. Learn More

Welcome to Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm, home of The Local Buzz award-winning 100% Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee, fabulous 100% Hawaiian Macadmia Nuts, and 100% Hawaiian Honey.

Paradise Meadows occupies 75 idyllic acres in the South Point area of the Big Island of Hawaii. South Point itself is the southern-most part of the United States, and is located just 12 miles south of our farm on South Point Road. On our farm you'll find a bit more than 20 acres of lime, lemon and avocado orchard which we've rescued from the rainforest over the past 6 years. And you'll also find a range of agricultural "experiments" that provide a truly diversified agricultural environment and endless opportunities and challenges.

If you visit the farm you'll see an aquaponics greenhouse -- a truly sustainable ecosystem -- where we grow lots of leafy greens (lettuce, herbs, spinach, kale, bok choy, etc.), and where we give our other fruiting plants (like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, beans, etc.) a great start in life before we transplant them into organically fertilized soil. You'll see a small herd of grazing cattle that help keep the rainforest at bay by eating the nutritious vines and grass. You might get a look at our two horses (Mocha & Kai) who roam free on the farm. You almost certainly will be greeted by Chandra & Moe, our two wonderful dogs, and by our 5 parrots (4 of whom are rescues).

Paradise Meadows is also home to our resident artist, Megan Collins. You can see her work by visiting her website, and if you visit the farm, ask to see the originals which cover the walls of our farmhouse.

So -- welcome to Paradise Meadows. Make yourself at home. Feel free to browse around. And if you're ever on the BIg Island of Hawaii, come down & visit us. We'd love to show you around.