About Us
The story of Paradise Meadows begins in 2004 with Scott Buske, the "big kahuna" at Paradise Meadows, making an impromptu trip from Oahu to Hawaii's Big Island in search of some land on which he & his family could spread out. Oahu is a beautiful island, but it houses 80% of the state's population on an island that represents no more than 10% of the state's total land mass. The Big Island of Hawaii, on the other hand, houses no more than 20% of the state's population on an island that is bigger, in terms of land mass, than twice that of all the other Hawaiian Islands put together.

Elephant grassWith the help of a wonderful realtor (Robyn Baglow of The Land Office in Na'alehu), we found what we judged to be the perfect, large (75 acres) piece of land to buy, as it had a "house-like" structure already built, along with electricity, county water, and a phone line. What we didn't know until after we'd purchased the property is that we'd bought ourselves a farm! As Scott mowed down the 18' high grass that was so thick you couldn't see what was in front of you, he ran into a lemon tree... and then a lime tree... and then more lime trees..

And that is how Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm came to, well, be (pun intended). For the next 2 years we worked to rescue the trees that were choked by vines and to clear the land enough that you could see the orchards. We discovered coffee trees and bee hives! And we moved to live on the Big Island permanently. Our farming enterprise began with the bees, and has since expanded to include coffee, macadamia nuts and an aquaponics greenhouse in which we grow all sorts of fabulous veggies.

We'd love to have you come visit us if you find yourselves on the Big Island. We'll greet you with aloha and show you around the farm if you'd like. And you can sample all of our fabulous products, including all-natural Hawaiian honey, our award-winning Ka'u coffee, macadamia nuts that are dehydrated rather than roasted to preserve all of their delicious flavor, and our chocolate covered mac nuts and coffee beans, off known as Hawaii's Local Buzz.